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Saturday, June 18, 2005

MoeBetta Headlines 06/18/05

2 PETA Workers Face Cruelty Rap

Court ordered to listen to latest Busta Rhymes album

California Shaken At Both Ends

Not stirred

Retired Mechanic Finds New Flower Species

Botanical Institute dubs new flower 'Greasius Monkius'

New wool doesn't itch or shrink

99 out of 100 sheep farmers can't be wrong

Bugs Are Considered a Delicacy in Mexico

Herbie cringes

Molester Said to Leave Trail of Victims

Couldn't just leave a trail of bread crumbs

Quakes Don't Necessarily Portend Big One

moehawk ain't taking any chances

Hog-tied in Texas

Cowboys apologize for mistaking Rosie O'Donnell for wayward heifer

Strong Quake in Chile Damaged 9,235 Homes

Costs of damages could run as high as $10

Dad Guilty Of Killing His 9 Kids

Joe Jackson could learn a thing or two from this guy

Deep Throat inks book deal, Hanks to produce film

Gump remarks: "With yore deep throat and Bubba's big gums, we kin make ourselves a killin'"

Stuntmen take to the streets in Oscar protest

Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Count stick up for their stinky little buddy

Book on Bull Sells, Impolite Title and All

'Bitches, Witches, and A Bulldyke Named Rosie' not expected to sell well East of the Mississippi

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