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Monday, June 20, 2005

MoeBetta Headlines 06/20/05

Man Killed At Seattle Courthouse

Finally, some swift justice being carried out

Extra! Write The News Yourself!

That's what we've been doing

Chimp’s art outsells Renoir, Warhol

Like anyone can tell the difference

What's Next for Jennifer Aniston?


Juror Attends Jackson Family Casino Bash

Says there was no Blackjack and the whole thing was a crapshoot

'P.O.V.' Spotlights Sex Education Dilemma

'P.O.S.' spotlights public education disaster

Elton John cast in chocolate

Says he's gotten out of things thicker and browner than that

Bolton's nomination blocked again in the Senate

Dems sleeping with one eye open tonight

Japanese Man, 95, Breaks Running Record

Thought he saw Jimmy Doolittle paying him another visit

Man Charged in Restaurant-Laundry Scam

Busted when he gave away fortune cookies with every dry cleaning

Car Plows Into House, Lands on Man in Bed

Man says "this is nothing, you oughta meet my wife"

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