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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

MoeBetta Headlines 06/21/05

Cobra bites at hand that feeds it

Just like all the America-haters

Sacre bleu! Waiters fired for being French?

moehawk has no patience for frogs putting snails in his gourmet cuisine

Fergie gets her own sandwich

Chunky meat between two white buns..mmm..Fergie Sammich

Homeless Shelter Stops Serving Bear Meat

Bums say "we know what they do in the woods"

Kidman to teens: 'You're my party'

Teens all promise to come

In all their clowning glory

Uh oh, what'd the Supreme Court do now?

Paris, love, happiness, 'War'

Which of these words does not belong?

Plain, Simple, Primitive? Not the Jellyfish

Nasty little critters still have more backbone than a Democrat

Fats in Hiding

Rosie, Michael, Elton! Come out come out, wherever you arrre

What's in That Face? A Candidate's Future

What's in that terlit? The same thing

The Claim: Mosquitoes Attack Some People More Than Others

Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton decry it as "racisism"

They Find Light in the Darkness

Most usually find thumbtacks with their bare feet

Some Politics May Be Etched in the Genes

Bill Clinton's politics was in his jeans

Russia cargo ship docks with space station

Station crew confused briefly by question about "nu-clee-ar wessels"

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