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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Shameless Filler Post

Since I'm watching 'Raymond' and my brain is frazzled, I ain't got nothin' interesting or witty to say right now. But, lots of other fine folks do. So I'm gonna show ya the latest good reads from these excellent blogs.

Appalachian Gun Trash has found Michael Jackson's ex-best friend and also brings up fond memories of my hazy and jaded past.

basil says that sometimes ya get called a wingnut, and sometimes ya really is one.

Dane Bramage says he don't need the stinkin' Oscars and Academy Awards hooplah, as long as he has the Smithees .

moehawk has become a spokesman for his buddies' bidness.

The Blue Site is less than pleased with SCOTUS.

William Teach ponders the newest proposal for a flag amendment.

The Pulpit Pounder also takes issue with SCOTUS.

Oddybobo also weighs in on SCOTUS, and she and her kin built a new mailbox specifically designed for when the gummint (and Pottery Barn) decide to come'a callin'.

Now y'all go read these fine writin's while I try and catch up on some procrastinated stuff.

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