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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Too Little Too Late For Dick

I see that Dick Durbin has "apologized" for his remarks about "torture", and nazis, commie gulags and Pol Pot. Why? Why did he bother to do this, and why should I care?

Is he going to be executed for treasonous slander? No. Why won't he be? Don't we have a law that says that traitors who attempt to undermine the stability, security, or war efforts of our nation can be executed for said crimes? His words were potentially as damaging and demoralizing as any physical action, so shouldn't he be treated in such a way? Or have all the so-called "conservatives" become so much like Democrats, that a lame ass apology is enough to satisfy them?

It's not enough for me. All the "conservatives" can enjoy this hollow "victory", but I won't. Durbin wins because he lives. Our gummint nor our leaders have the balls anymore to actually carry out the justice they claim to believe in. If Durbin's traitorous words will be forgiven by all, because of his pathetic and insincere "apology", and he will not be forced to swing from the gallows as he deserves, then you can count me out.

Can we at least kick him out of office and lock him in prison for life? No? Why not? Trent Lott got the boot just for saying it would have been nice if Strom Thurmond (obm) had won the '48 elections. Oh, but that's right; we only have the courage to take action against politicians for slips of the tongue and tax evasion. Heaven forbid we should punish a modern Benedict Arnold, because we must permit him his "free speech", no matter how many are harmed or die because of it.

Screw it, let's just save some time and give up our sovereignty and join the European Union. It seems that's where we're heading anyway. All this touchy-feely sensitive forgiveness crap is gonna be the death of this Republic.

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