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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Which Revenge of the Sith Character Are Ya?

Via Basil, I came across this quiz. Having just seen the movie for the first time last night, I felt the urge to try this out. How'd I score? Nothing that surprises me:


Darth Vader 86%

General Grievous 78%

Yoda 72%

Clone Trooper 72%

Obi Wan Kenobi 58%

Mace Windu 58%

Emperor Palpatine 53%

R2-D2 53%

Chewbacca 50%

Anakin Skywalker 47%

C-3PO 33%

Padme Amidala 31%

Basil scored as Yoda, which means he could use his magic Force powers to lift my El Camino X-Wing Fighter out of the Congaree River.

Now, y'all go take the quiz and lemme know how ya scored!

Which Revenge of the Sith Character Are You?

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