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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Apologize For What?

I was reading this story on Fox News yesterday, and I am baffled. Why is Mrs. Holloway Twitty apologizing to the damned Dutch? What did she say that was "wrong"?

The Dutch "judicial" system is a joke, that's a well known fact. It is among the most asinine and timid in the world. She called it as it is. Her daughter went missing in that flyspeck of a country over a month and a half ago, and these damned forktongued foreigners ain't got jack squat done. They damn well know those three little bastards are involved, yet they refuse to hold and question all three thoroughly. Why?

They seem to be playing musical chairs with these arrests, and it is like watching a damned child play a game. Yes, that is what I see Aruba and the Dutch as--stupid little children. Then the Dutch media has the audacity to say they don't appreciate American "cowboys" trying to tell them how to govern their affairs. Well hell, someone needs to show them, 'cause these idiots couldn't find their ass with both hands.

If it were up to me, she would have been found by now if any body remained. Those boys would be tortured (yes, tortured, not interrogated) until they talked. And they would talk. Oh yes, make no mistake. I think I can speak for a helluva lot of other Americans in that regard, as well. These are little punk ass kids, not hardened expert criminals. They can be broken as easily as an eggshell. Yet they haven't, have they? And that's my point. If the Dutch can't extract information from young kids, then their system of justice is a piece of crap. Mrs. Holloway Twitty was correct and truthful in her words. So she should not have apologized.

If anyone should apologize, it's the island of Aruba and the amoral cesspool of Holland.

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