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Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Ghost of Patton

I have a little video for ya now. Though the message is a bit too left-wing and passive for me, I still think it's nice.

And just in case my words confuse you---I think Joe McCarthy and General MacArthur were too liberal. To me, anyway. They had too much pity and mercy on the enemy, for my tastes. Though, I admire the men, nonetheless.

If I could have things my way, there'd be not a shred of evidence on any square inch of G-d's Earth, that islam ever existed. Every man, woman and child among them, every qu'ran, every mosque, every mosaic "art" work, every single thing created and owned by anyone who adhered to islam, would be erased.

You can pretend to act "shocked" at my words all you want, but you know my way is best. The only thing "cheek turning" and forgiveness gets you with these savage animals, is dead.

Don't seek my tears or pity when you call me a "bigot", then march right into the jaws of death. I cannot and will not pity the stupid.

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