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Saturday, July 30, 2005

I Have Rights! (So Say The Criminals)

I was reading this excellent post by Don Surber last night, and felt you should read it too. It's not long, but it hits the nail on the head.

You ever notice that the only people who ever say "I have rights", are the truly guilty? Ever notice that? When is the last time you heard an honest and/or innocent man speak of his "rights"? You haven't. Only the guilty criminals and lowlife filth feel the need to speak of it.

Personally, I would have killed "mohammed" graveyard dead where he stood, but that's just me. No rights for muslims. They desire death, and that is just what they deserve.

But what is the reality? Lifetime in prison? That's our idea of punishment. Feed them, clothe them, house them, and give them free health care for the rest of their natural life (at the taxpayers expense)....shit, that's 100 times better than anything they could hope to have in their miserable lives now. Yeah, good punishment.

If the Western world refuses to do what must be done, and insists on mollycoddling and sucking the muslim world off and being "fair" with these heathens, I guess locking them up is better than nothing at all.

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