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Monday, July 11, 2005

Joseph Duncan- Subhuman Vermin

I am gonna assume everyone knows by now, about the case of the horrible murders that took place in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho back in mid-May, where 3 people were beaten to death, and 2 children were kidnapped. The two children, 8 year-old Dylan Groene and his 9 year-old sister, Shasta, were abducted by a convicted child molestor savage, Joseph Duncan.

Shasta was found 6 weeks later with the bastard at a Denny's in the same town, thanks to a brave and sharp-eyed waitress. She told the cops what the monster did to her and her brother, who had not yet been found. Remains found last week are now sadly found to be that of Dylan's.

If that isn't enough to wrench your stomach and tear your heart out, it gets worse. This hideous monster had a blog, which he spewed his vileness out on, then tried to justify it. He has the nerve to believe he was a "Christian" and that "demons" are to blame for his actions and thoughts. His blog , Blogging the Fifth Nail, is nothing but pure evil. His words, his views, his explanations, and his defense of sex offenders, is grotesque.

Duncan's last entry is dated May 13th, not long before he butchered that innocent family. The most recent entries are sick and disturbing enough, but I have been looking at his original entries, from January 31st,2004, and onward. Creepy stuff.

His very first blog entry is simply this:

Saturday, January 31, 2004

9:08 PM
Fact: Whoever controls the media controls the country.
Question: Do you really think no one is controlling the media?
Posted by: Joe

Not exactly what I'd call original or insightful, but it gives one an idea that this guy isn't running on all cylinders. Then it begins to get disturbing with entries later on in the month:

Tuesday, January 27, 2004
Where have all the x-cons gone?
9:30 AM
The term “sex offender” is an interesting choice of words. In the past the term “x-convict” was used to describe offenders who were released from prison. The “x” obviously implying that the mistake was in the past. But States have unanimously and officially dropped the term “x-convict” and replaced it with “offender” a present tense term that implies the person was, and still is, offensive.

The term “x-convict” was suiting, since it did not indicate that a person was bad, or even guilty. It just meant that at some time in the past the person was convicted of a crime. Back then it was understood that sometimes a person could be convicted who was not guilty. And in understanding this people felt a convicts rights were important, because maybe they really were innocent. Back then, the fear of locking up an innocent man was a bigger concern than the fear of being a victim. Today, statistics have shown that we routinely lock up innocent men at an alarming percentage as high as 20% by some studies. In the good ol’ days, 1% would never have been tolerated. Sure that meant a lot of guilty people got away, but that was better than the state punishing an innocent person.

You think it is one man who suffers, but back then they saw that it was everyone who suffered. The state represented the people, so it was the people who punished an innocent man unjustly. So they saw it as a million injustices, not just one.

Today, even the innocent convicts are “offenders.” So, the injustice has been washed over by a mere change in words. So much for social integrity.
Posted by: Joe

Oh boo friggin hoo. Now, it's my fault and yours, that he can't get respect. Golly gee friggin whiz , that makes sense. Keep in mind that while he wrote these, he had already spent some years in the clanker for molesting children. He molested a little boy in Minnesota almost a year after he wrote this, then killed the family and kidnapped Dylan and Shasta just a few months later, this past May.

Now, this'll really get your goat:

Monday, January 26, 2004
Pointing Fingers
8:19 AM
What red blooded American would stick up for a sex offender? And, what Arian blooded Nazi would stick up for a Jew? If you think there is a difference, then think again. Are you thinking for yourself, or letting the media tell you what to think? If you think that sex offenders have little control over their behavior, then that is the TV thinking for you, and it is nonsense. Less than 12% of convicted sex offenders are repeat offenders. The reason you hear rates like 90% is because of the way the media uses statistics to get you to watch. Nobody would care if only 12% are repeating offenders, so instead the media reports that 90% of sex crimes are committed by repeat offenders. Which sounds more shocking? They both say the same thing; only the later has more shock value and implies a more serious problem than there is.

It is always easy to recognize someone else’s ignorance. The trick is in recognizing your own. While doing some research last night on discrimination against Jews in Nazi Germany, I discovered that the Jews suffered far more abuses, prior to the ultimate abuse of genocide, long before the ovens were even fired up. They were victims of violent discrimination all over Germany, their homes and stores were vandalized and ransacked. They themselves were frequently beat upon by gangs of angry Germans. While I had realized that obviously the Jewish fate in that era was far more sever than any that sex offenders might suffer as a distinct group, I had not realized that the discrimination against Jews prior to that final act of discrimination was so proportionally pronounced.

That opened my eyes. I can understand better now why people usually see my words as the ravings of a bias and self deluded person. So, I changed the Mission Statement for The Fifth Nail, to reflect my new understanding. I still feel that government sponsored discrimination can do no good. But, now I have added the word “watered down” when I compare discrimination against sex offenders to the discrimination against Jews in Nazi Germany, and Blacks during the Jim Crow era. It is still state sanctioned discrimination, only not as extreme as it has been in the past. But surely, when kept in proportion of course, the intent and effect is the same.

Like I’ve stated before in this blog, there is nothing wrong with letting the public know when a threat has moved into their neighborhood. There is everything wrong when the government points a crooked finger at a group of people who are themselves already victims of their own ignorance and fear, and tells the public, “this is who you should hate.”
Posted by: Joe

This piece of drek compares child molestors, to Jews and Blacks? What a filthy mongrel he is. For this reason alone, he should be killed, just for being stupid. And where does he get this idea that the government is telling people "who to hate"? All decent people hate perverts and child molestors. It's a natural and good reaction, not government sanctioned. Idiot.

I've glanced at a few entries of his,mostly recent and earliest. It's all sick. I'll get around to reading them all, if my stomach can handle it. This guy is a seriously screwed up piece of excrement.

Something almost as sick, is the fact that somewhere in this Republic, is more than a few lawyers foaming at the mouth, eager to defend this bastard and help him be released back into society again.

Sick. Sick. Sick.

UPDATE: I made an error, in the times of his blog entries. The dates are correct, but I was wrong about the order they were in. But, in double checking it all, I find his first blog entry to be more disturbing than the one I thought was his first. This is dated January 4th, 2004:

It begins
¶ 1:50 AM
Just found out that a five year old girl went missing from Chisholm MN on June 14, 2003 (this year). I did not even know until today that this happened. So, I tried to figure out what I was doing that day, since I'm always afraid of getting accused when something like this happens. According to my Quicken entries that was the day that I went to watch a couple of my co-workers jump out of an airplane (tandem jumps). I had purchased a package of depends (adult diapers) as a joke, and some 8mm tapes for my camcorder that morning. I also Went shopping that day at Cashwise and bought over a $100 worth of food, (a major grocery shopping trip) but when I checked my file for these receipts to see what time I was at Cash Wise (the grocery store) I discovered the receipts were missing. Makes me wonder. I'm going to have to look for them some more. You might say that finding out about the girl missing is the proverbial last straw. Because of all the other recent incidents in the news lately, especially regarding missing people and the resulting intensification of the persecution of sex offenders, I've decided to start this blog as a sort of check and balance of where I am. This is for my own safety. I figure it is just a matter of time before I am falsely accused of some crime or another. I already had the police at my door telling me some women down town were waving my picture around (that they printed from the internet) accusing me of harassing them for a date (a part of town I’ve never been to and women I never heard of, but the police acted as if they knew it was me). The visit was very intimidating and not friendly. I was "warned" that I was being watched as a known sex offender. The visit made me consult an attorney for advice; he told me there was nothing I could do unless charges were filed. I feel like a southern black man, just wondering when the lynch mob is going to show at my door accusing me of raping a white girl. Today (yesterday actually, right now it is 1:23 am Sunday) I stayed home mostly, played Delta Force on-line and dinked around. I went to Hornbaucker’s and bought a few groceries and some B-day cards for some friends (Dave and Dee). I got a call from my boss at 4:40. He wanted to tell me about a new technology he'd been playing around with that could make several of the projects I've been involved with simpler to implement (MS ISA). I had a chef salad for lunch and cheese and summer sausage later for a snack in leu of dinner.
Posted by: Joe

This foul beast needs killing. Pure and simple. G-d willing, he will meet the same fate in prison that Jeffrey Dahmer did. That is, if no greedy BMW driving lawyer helps him go free, first.

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