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Sunday, July 03, 2005

MoeBetta Headlines 07/03/05

Parents Guilty for Hiding Pot in Diaper

Nasty hippie parents confused when told to "poop or get off the pot"

Hong Kong Disney Gives Away 20K Free Tix

Estimated it'll take 100K matches to burn them all off

Barbecue Chain Buys Porn Web Site for $6G

Maurice Bessinger's new slogan: "You'll squeal like a piggie, or else"

Hairless Pooch Wins Ugly Dog Contest

On an unrelated note, Sinead O'Connor tapes are only $1.99 at the Pilot station

Top of lava dome falls into St. Helens crater

Sounds a bit like what Rosie O'Donnell's lover said after their first romp in the trough hay

Elephant tagging aims to solve mystery

"Will she remember me in the morning?" soon to be answered

Happy kids make for pleasant road trips

Michael Jackson agrees

Three suspects escorted to Aruba beach

This is what the Dutch call "punishment"

Newsweek: Rove spoke to reporter before leak

Did not jiggle or flush afterwards

New York tries to make yellow cabs greener

Will use Cousin Red's teeth as comparison chart

Police: Local Family Beaten In Dispute Over Car

NASCAR fans get a tad out of hand

Poll: 63% of Americans oppose pullout

Large teen pregnancy causes finally revealed

Israel plugs in the sun

Blows out fuses in 3 countries

How Ice Melts: Longstanding Mystery Solved

It's called "heat", college boy

Why You Can't Tickle Yourself

Maybe because it's illegal in 37 states, and it's just plain weird and creepy?

Panel Affirms Radiation Link to Cancer

Someone spent $100,000 of their parents money, and 8 years of their life after high school, to figure this out?

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