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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

MoeBetta Headlines 07/27/05

Kenyan Offers 40 Goats for Chelsea Clinton's Hand

Clinton declines, but offers Kenyan 40 acres and a mule to take Shrillary instead

Farmer killed by falling cow

Innocent rural game of "cow tipping" takes sad turn when Rosie O'Donnell visits the midwest

Noisy school kids have mouths taped

Michael Jackson doesn't like screamers

Jewish militants put death curse on Sharon?

Hell yeah! I mean...forget I said anything

Lab to test 'sasquatch' hair

Michael Moore finally gets a haircut and a shave

Rare island birds threatened by 'super mice'

Mighty Mouse says those damned crows have been talking trash for over 50 years

Who wouldn't fall for such a clever trick?


Kenyan Holding a Torch for Chelsea Clinton

Whole world holds torches for her mama. You bring the stake, I'll bring the oil and firewood.

Skunk Beats the N.Y. Heat in Drug Store

Ahh, so that's where Bloomberg's been hiding

Cops Find Nude Man Looking for Gump's Home

Run Forrest, run!!

Woman Convicted of Groping Screener

Tit for tat

Dead Anchovies Leave Putrid Stink in Ore.

Oh sure, blame the anchovies

Scouts Did Not Follow Protocol for Tents

How many ways can there be to pitch a tent?

Van Gogh Killer to Spend Life in Prison

Ooooooh, that'll teach him

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