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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Plugging The Tuneage

I was poking around The Windjammer website awhile ago, and after checking out the bikini contest chicks (giddyup!) I started browsing the bands. The Windjammer is a great bar, and is a *must* on my list of places I always visit when in Charleston. I recommend you stop by and visit them next time you're in town. Trust me, you won't regret it.

Anyhoo, they have always got great bands playing there, and Edwin McCain is the top one. Excellent artist. But I also have a strong appreciation for smaller, homegrown bands. The one on The Windjammer's schedule that caught my attention was Southern Bitch. They're a Southern Rock band out of Athens, Georgia, and pretty dadgummed good, in my opinion. I've heard of them before, but have never heard any of their music until today.

So via their site, I came across a really cool music website, called Pure Volume. This is where the unknown and up-and-coming bands and singers can get some promotion. I'm all fer it. Now my taste in music is pretty varied, but Country, Rockabilly, Classic Rock and Oldies is mostly what I listen to.

So what I'm gonna do here, is list the bands I liked out of all I listened to, and list the genre and locale. There's no sign up or downloads needed at this site. It's got a player on the page, and all ya gotta do is click play. It's pretty dadgummed coo', I tell ya. So, enjoy!

Southern Bitch-Rock / Southern Rock-- Athens, GA

The Defilers-Rockabilly / Punk / Country--Charleston, SC

American Gun-Alternative / Country--Columbia, SC

King's Heart-Jam Band / Christian / Classic Rock--Columbia SC

Daniel Harper-Acoustic / Christian / Rockabilly--Duncan, SC

Jeremy Barber-Acoustic / Rock / Rockabilly--Salem, SC

Tugalo Holler-Bluegrass--Westminster, SC

Denise Reins-Country / Alternative / Pop--Appling, GA

Eric Kilgore-Acoustic / Folk / Country--Cornelia, GA

Joey Allcorn and The Hillbilly Band-Country / Rockabilly / Alternative-- Columbus, GA

Southern Limits-Country / Southern Rock--Calhoun, GA

SouthWind-Southern Rock / Rock / Country--Waycross, GA

The Turning Point Band-Country / Rock / R&B--Columbus, GA

The Waterstone Band-Blues / Southern Rock / Classic Rock--Winder, GA

TwoBareFeet-Christian / Rock / Southern Rock--Atlanta, GA

Rosalee Stacy-Country / Christian / Indie--Jackson, KY

Arkamo Rangers-Bluegrass / Acoustic--Springfield, MO

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