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Friday, July 29, 2005

Sci-Fi Fight Poll

The results of the poll were:

In a bare knuckle, no rules cage match, who'd be standing when it's all over?

Captain Kirk (18) 90%
Han Solo (1) 5%
Buck Rogers (0) 0%
Flash Gordon (1) 5%

It seems most agree, it's Kirk. He was my choice. Afterall, he's a farmboy and a brawler. What he lacks in booksmarts, he makes up for in his fists, plus he's got the famous "flying kick". Ya can't beat that.

Now Han Solo, in my opinion, is no kind of bare knuckle fighter. Without his laser blaster and Chewbacca by his side, he's got nothing. Nowhere in any of the Star Wars films he was in, did we ever see him get physical.

Buck Rogers (Gil Gerard version) is fairly scrappy, but he's too smart and polished to win a real fight. He would whoop Solo, but that's it.

Flash Gordon (Sam Jones version) is pretty tough. This match would be down to him and Kirk, and I think Kirk would stomp him like a bucket of grapes.

Now, Dane Bramage brought up a good point awhile back, that I had overlooked when I made the poll. He reminded me that super tough guy Buster Crabbe also played the role of Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon. Now in those versions..hmm...I'd hate make a bet on it. That could wind up either way. For loyalty's sake, I'm gonna still say Kirk would win, but not by much. That'd be a helluva good fight.

Your thoughts?

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