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Friday, July 01, 2005

What's Your Alcohoroscope?

Your Leo Drinking Style

You love to drink and dance -- you're likely a fabulous dancer.
You're usually pretty a good drinker as well, losing your commanding dignity and turning kittenish.
Of course, you're quite aware you're darling -- Leos will be Leos, after all.
You generally know your limit, probably because you loathe losing self-control.

When you get over-refreshed, flirting will ensue -- and perhaps not with the person what brought you.
But you are not the type to break rules even when drunk, so others try to ignore your naughty behavior.
You'll just make up for it with a sheepish (and hung over) apology the next day.
Your Signature Cocktails
Leos like flashy drinks, be they complicated tropical concoctions festooned with umbrellas, like a Bahama mama or the more common strawberry daiquiri or mai tai. Indeed, you often have a taste for the fruity -- try a screwdriver, or add an extra cherry to the next Manhattan. Your sense of drama lends itself to a kir royale, of course.
Your Celebrity Drinking Buddies
Edward Norton, Bill Clinton, Madonna, Debra Messing, Martha Stewart, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Christian Slater, and Fred Durst.

What's Your Alcohoroscope?

This one is wrong from start to finish. First off, I find the word "fabulous" to be namby pamby beyond belief. I do dance, but only real dances, like the Charleston, Shag, Tango, or a Waltz. None of this new age homo booty bumping monkey gyration crap.

I never have hangovers. Not ever.

I am not a "darling", and I do not like flashy drinks. Just gimme a straight whiskey, and we'll all get along just fine. I don't like anything fruity, be it a drink, dessert or my sodomite neighbor.

And as far as the "Celebrity Drinking Buddies"; oh boy. What a list I got. Aside from Ah-nold and Martha,I got paired with the crud that rests just below the gooey crap that sits on the bottom of an outhouse bucket.

Nope. Not pleased with this quiz. Not a bit. Hmph

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