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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Why Blog?

So, I'm snooping browsing around over at basil's a little while ago, and noticed he had supper on the table. It was there I found my way to the blog of Danny Carlton (AKA Jack Lewis). Danny is making a compilation of bloggers and their reasons for blogging, plus a few questions such as how often ya post, how much research ya put into each post, etc.

As he puts it:

The ultimate purpose of this survey is to analyze the difference between those who have well read or growing blogs and those who don't, but want to. There is a lot of advice about how to blog successfully, but so far I haven't really seen any thorough analysis of the blogging habits of the various bloggers. The more bloggers who participate, the more accurate the survey will be so encourage others to fill out the survey.

And you know I'm always game for questions and quizzes, so I took it. I'm very interested in the results when it's finished. So, if ya got a blog and a few minutes to spare, howsabout ease on over and take the survey.

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