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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

John Bolton

I've not said much about it lately, but have long awaited seeing John Bolton as Ambassador to the UN. He's a great choice, and a far cry from the sniveling, hiney-kissing wimps and appeasers we've had in the past. He's got that tough and in-your-face attitude that in my eyes, solves most problems. Talking is for folks who are scared to death of their own shadow. When dealing with a mean and nasty individual, or country, you don't want them to like you or view you as an "equal". You want them to fear you, and think you are unstable and dangerous as hell.

John Bolton's record seems to have given this image to many folks. G-d willing, he will project this same image to the Ambassadors of all nations. I hope he won't allow himself to be tamed, as always seems to happen with everyone who gets involved in politics, but we'll see, I reckon.

In the meantime, I'm gonna make this his theme song:

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John Bolton

He's like a very angry Wilfred Brimley.

I'm gonna spill your blood sugar, and I'm gonna spill it often.

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