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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Liar Speaks Tonight

I've wondered for the last year or so, what happened to David Duke. I haven't seen hide nor hair of that filthy mongrel pig in almost 5 years, since I had the misfortune of getting within 10 feet of his worthless hide in 2000, when he (uninvited) showed up in Columbia, at a Confederate flag support rally I was attending.

Well, as luck and fate often have it, I was prowling and sneaking through Evil Glenn's blog awhile ago, and found the schmuck. And I was not surprised at all to see his bull dumplings of a scheme.

This pig eating son of a motherless goat, is siding with the pro-Marxist, pro-Communist, pro-Socialist douche drinking bitch, Cindy Sheehan. Yeah, big surprise.

The extreme right have always been bed buddies with the far left and muslim lovers, so it is no surprise to see this.

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