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Thursday, August 04, 2005

MoeBetta Headlines 08/04/05

Why Do Men Have Nipples?

So queers can feel like chicks too

Woman posed as princess, pleads guilty to fraud

Queen Latifa calls her a "wannabe"

Jimi Hendrix played gay to leave US Army-book


Bus driver scared of making whoopee...

Ralph claims Alice makes him shrink like a frightened turtle

Eleven holes-in-one in a single round...

A typical sleepover at Paris Hilton's pad

Move over, 'Monologues': penis takes stage

Many still unable to accept Leno in place of Carson

My lips are sealed...

The question was, "what phrase will one never hear Paris Hilton utter?"

Smelly fungus sparks police hunt for corpse

Remnants of Michael Moore's footbath and loofah sponge confuse cadaver dogs

Golf Outing Allegedly Involves Strippers

Ya got clubs, balls, holes, tacky clothes and lying old men..sounds like every strip club I've ever been to

Cops: Man Invents Story to Make Wife Leave

What man doesn't?

Police Search for Thief With Big Nose

Bill Clinton refuses to submit to police lineup

Mo. Family Finds Python Under Dishwasher

Monty jumps out, farts twice and dashes out front door, singing theme to "Pirates of Penzance"

Hugh Hefner Gets Into Bed With Reality TV

Hefner finally finds someone/thing he hasn't been in bed with

David Beckham Gets Damages From Newspaper

Posh Spice rolls up paper and hits him on nose, says "No!"

Bahrain Future Home For Jackson?

One can only hope

Postal Reform a Major Issue in Japan

Newman once again suggests his rickshaw idea

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