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Friday, August 05, 2005

A Twofer For Ya

For some reason, I missed seeing Michelle Malkin on Fox and Friends this morning, even though I was awake the entire time and had Fox News on. Go figure. It also kinda didn't help that for the first time I can recall, she didn't mention it on her blog.

Anyhoo, lucky for me my blog neighbruhs are much more astute than I, and Cap'n Teach mentioned her appearance this morning. I did not fret though, and ya know why? 'Cause I knew that The Political Teen would have the video. Unlike me, they never drop the ball.

Now the second part of this post, is the issue of John Roberts and his wife adopting two children. No one, of any political view, should have their children dragged into the filthy mess. Don't ever mess with anyone's kids. I don't care if it's Bill Clinton, or John Kerry, Robert Byrd, George Bush or George McGovern; don't try and use any kids as a weapon or a shield or a pawn, for any reason. This applies to spouses too, unless of course the spouse (like Hillary and Te-ray-sah) willingly gets uppity and poke their noses into the fray.

But the kids are always off limits. I think adoption is a wonderful thing. I don't have any figures or statistics to give you, but I can say there are way, way, way too many kids in this world who will never know or have the love and security of a good family. All children should have that. I don't give a rat's patootie what political or religious view folks have, as long as they provide a child with a good and loving home. Roberts and his wife did this, so I say leave'em alone.

Michelle discusses it in more detail here and here.

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