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Monday, December 12, 2005

MoeBetta Headlines- 01/11/06

Lesbian bikers get 'Dykes on Bikes' trademark

Treadmarks not enough for bossy butches

Horses cannot wear diapers, court says

Rosie O'Donnell free to roam 'au naturale'

Ecuadorean woman, 116, is world's oldest person

Helen Thomas is from Ecuador?

Students Get Pig's-Eye View of History

Hillary to discuss pre-Bill years

NYC School Shows How to Bait, Trap Rats

1 part defaced American flag, 2 parts patchouli

Rambunctious Pig Nearly Escapes From Truck

Additional Secret Service Agents assigned to Bill Clinton after newest Little Rock Hooter's restaurant opens

Diane Keaton brings luster to 'Family Stone'

Quite preferable to watching Elton John spit polish the "family jewels"

'Got pecker? We do'

And with those disturbing words, Elton John and David Furnish were pronounced husband and he-bitch

George Takei, ‘Mr. Sulu,’ says he’s gay

I think we all suspected it while watching this scene

Spears Most-Searched for Item on the Web

And in a close second and third place; "trailer park" and "chitlins"

Japanese team inspects U.S. meatpacker

I doubt Ashlee Simpson will mind

This is probably my shortest headlines, and took me the longest to write. I told y'all I'd be back sometime around Thanksgiving, and I really tried to be, but stuff came up. These headlines are from old news, but...hope ya laugh before ya berate me. :)

Also, this is the first and only time I'm not adding links to my blogbrothers and fellow headliners, because I'm a little bewildered and rusty at the moment. I am "back", just gimme a day or two to get my brain in gear again. ;)

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